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Nuclius Cosmos Ultimate HD IPTV Set-Top BoxSay Goodbye to Your Cable or Satellite Company!
and Hello to the Nucleus of Your Unified Digital World!

People are completely fed up with the rising cost and often deteriorating service provided by our cable and satellite TV providers. Up until now there has been little to no viable alternatives for these services because these companies have either monopolized their markets or are in markets where all of the competition is just more of the same with a different name. Well, all of this is about to change in an extremely profound way. And just how profound you ask? Very.

Triniti Communications International will soon be unveiling our revolutionary, completely portable, High Definition IPTV service that will provide you with access to hundreds of standard and premium HD television channels, 3D* HD channels, thousands of Internet TV channels, Video-On-Demand, Pay Per View, HD DVR functionality, digital music channels, HD movie and TV show rentals, web browsing and much, much more. Enjoy it all in stunning 720p, 1080i or 1080p HD format, streamed directly across your high-speed Internet connection to your HDTV. Click the "Overview Video" tab above to watch a brief 5 minute overview video.

Change is here and it is called Nuclius™. Nuclius will completely revolutionize the way you think about and use digital entertainment, communications, security and automation technology in and around your home.


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